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Welcome to Activelock

Latest Version of ACTIVELOCK is v3.6.1
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Activelock is an Open Source Copy Protection and Licensing Software developed under
VB2008, VB2005, VB2003, and VB6.

ActiveLock is a "totally" free COM DLL created to help you to:

  • Add registration features,
  • Protect your programs from piracy
  • Sell your programs online!
  • ActiveLock is powerful, flexible and 100% royalty-free.
  • BSD Open License - free even for commercial usage

There are many samples that demonstrate the use of Activelock with languages other than Visual Basic. Although the core DLLs are compiled under VB6 and VB.NET, you can protect your C++, C# and Delphi applications using Activelock. The keygenerator of Activelock can be used under ASP.NET and PHP and there are samples for both applications. Additionally, there are samples available that demonstrate the protection of Access databases, Excel VBA and COM DLLs.

Any language that supports the use of COM DLLs can access Activelock libraries for protection.

  • Public/Private Key Asymmetric Encryption (RSA) for highest possible security
  • Cryptographic hashing (SHA-1) to lock license to your PC
  • Uses other popular encryption/hashing methods such as MD5, Rijndael.
  • Protection against tampering
  • Custom Key Generators are impossible with customized code
  • Licenses have expiration date, or can be permanent
  • Days or Runs based Trial Mode available
  • Short Key support for easy phone activation (non-RSA)

Project Administrator: Ismail Alkan


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